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Frequently Asked Questions


  Lighted Palm Trees
  Fireworks Displays

Q: How do these lighted palm trees hold up to the weather?
A: The lighted palm trees and fireworks trees are made to operate in all types of weather and temperatures. The coconut palms are made from a durable poly-vinyl plastic, built for years of use. The Fireworks displays are constructed with a heavy metal pole and the same tough poly-vinyl plastic on the light poles.

Q: How long do the trees last?
A: The average life span of the trees is approximately 10,000 hours. This equates to 5 years of night time use, if used every night, 365 days a year.

Q: Is all hardware included?
A: Yes. Everything you need to assemble and operate the trees is included when shipped.

Q: What are the extra wires for on the coconut trees?
A: These are to secure the decorative coconuts on the upper part of the trunk, under the palm leaves.

Q: How do you ship your Lighted products?
A: We use Federal Express for all shipments.

Q: How many packages will arrive with my shipment?
A: Lighted Palm Trees and Fireworks Displays utilize a heavy metal pole as their center support. This will arrive separate from the crate containing the hardware, trucks,  palm leaves and light poles.

Q: Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one item?
A: Yes. Please refer to our Bulk Pricing page

Q: What happens is a part of the tree breaks or is defective?
A: We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for the Lighted Products we sell. In the unlikely event that you need a replacement part, we can get it for you.


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